JMp3Tag by Gowtham

JMp3Tag is a Java application to edit tags in MP3 files. Many phones do not have an in-built editor to edit these tags (even mine doesn't) and hence I wrote this application.

Tags are chunks of data stored within the audio file to help identify the content. Commonly used tags are - Title, Album, Artist, Year etc. Many audio players display these tags when a track containing tags is played and allow to group the tracks based on these tags. These tags are stored using a format named ID3 (version 2.3.0). You can find more about the tagging format here.

JMp3Tag runs on Java phones (MIDP 2.0 and above). The phone should also support JSR-75 API. This API is required to read/edit the filesystem.

JMp3Tag is free to use and modify. See below for source code.


 Main screen
 File browser
 Settings form
Download from here (Current version 0.8). Transfer this file to your phone and follow the instructions to install.
Source code can be found here


You can reach me at

Version history
0.8 - Support for adding album art
0.7 - Support for album art (delete only), UI improvements in file browser, user configurable settings
0.6 - Improvements to handle Unicode, several UI enhancements
0.5 - Initial beta release

Last updated on May 3 2011